What does this site do?

When I’m about to purchase something which is not very common in my country (let’s say, India) or if I can’t find enough reviews of a product on Amazon India, here’s what I do:

In the App itself, you can change your Country settings. For example, I change it to USA (because that’s most popular). Then I search for the product and read the reviews. Once I’ve done the research, I switch back to my original country and see if the high-rated products on USA are available in my country. These products may not have many reviews in my country and could’ve been easily missed on my default country app search.

This process helps me make a better informed decision when buying a product, but as you must’ve figured, it’s a bit of work which might not give you enough or satisfactory results (the highly rated product in USA simply might not be available in your country, for example). Anyway, to solve this problem, I’ve created this site.

This site tracks Top Rated products on Amazon USA, India, Canada and UK and let’s you find the same or similar items in your country by simply taking to your country’s Amazon site when you click on a link.

The products are listed based on their Ratings (greater than or equal to 4 in the original country) at the time of posting and these ratings keep changing on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean that this doesn’t make the research easier.

Anyway, for example, if you wanted to buy a Speaker, you’d normally do the research on the Amazon sites that work in your country (like amazon.com for US, amazon.in for India and so on). But wouldn’t it be nice if you could browse the best Speakers from different Amazon sites at one place and then see if it’s available in your country, because chances are high that you would have missed it if you were just going by (lack of) Ratings and Popularity in your country.

Hope this site helps you make the best informed decision when it comes to buying products online. Go ahead and try a random product. I’m sure you’ll discover some awesome products right away, and if you do, please don’t forget to Share this site with your friends and family.


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Disclaimer: This is an Amazon Associates site, which means I get a certain commission from Amazon if you buy something from this site’s links. Gotta earn some of that beer and cheese, fellas 🙂